Summer 2019 was a crazy busy time for me! I illustrated my first book, a middle-grades adventure story called The Legend of Indian Rock Cave, participated in Zoo Atlanta's Art Gone Wild week, and made tons of personal work, too! Here's a quick wrap-up of the summers' work! 
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My four pieces completed for the "Potter Week Prompts" challenge by Taryn Knight.
Illustrations created for Avilloary (@avilloary on Instagram), Character Design Challenge, ARTCAST (a podcast by myself and Anna Bullock), and more!
Eastern Grey Plantain-Eater for @avilloary
Mongolian Eagle Hunter for Character Design Challenge
Logo for ARTCAST
Prep Sketch for Phillipines Hornbill
Prep Sketch for The Legend of Indian Rock Cave
A little animation to test out the Procreate GIF Update...
Avian and Exotic Animal Care needed exotic animal-specific greeting cards. Here are the first two of seven total cards-to-be!
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